Friday, March 2, 2012

Maui Vow Renewal 2011

I just realized that I didn't update my Blog with the outcome of my 15 year vow renewal to my wonderful husband. It took place at Napili Shores Resort on Maui, October 12th, 2011, at sunset.

It was everything I had hoped for; beautiful weather, swaying palm trees, the blue Pacific Ocean in the background and surrounded by the very best of friends.

Preceeding the ceremony were three days of fun and adventure.
After landing and getting settled in on a Saturday afternoon we began the real fun on Sunday.

Beginning the morning with a snorkel and swim with green sea turtles, we then went to Lahaina for some sightseeing and shopping. In the afternoon we ventured as far south as you can go to explore LaParousse Bay. After a long hike and nearing sunset, we went a short drive over to Big Beach and walked straight over the cliff to Little Beach. Here after dark on Sunday nights is a funfilled drum circle and fire dancing free-for-all.

Monday: Up bright and early to head out on the road to Hana. We had done this trip a couple times before so we new where to take everyone for some great experiences.  Twin Falls, a tiny historic town on the way, Black Beach, Lava Tube, Red Beach then finally head back home. This was the highlight of the trip for many of our friends.

Tuesday: A great day for snorkeling, swimming pool, walks on the beach, drinks and good food.
That night was the "Bachelorette Party"! Even though I'm not a bachelorette, it was a MUST DO for the girls.  We had a great night dancing the night away in downtown Lahaina.

Wednesday:  We snorkeled a few different bays then all played in the surf for hours, trying to figure out the timing of the waves for body surfing and boogie boards. We were all having so much fun that we nearly lost track of time. We decided we better get out of the sun and start getting ready for the Ceremony.  Well, it was a little too late on the "get out of the sun" part. All of the girls (except me) had pretty severe sun burns and some MAJOR tan lines now to show intheir strapless bridesmaid gowns. LOL. They lathered on the Noxema cream to reduce the burning heat of their skin and we got all pretty for the Vow Renewal. The guys drove to Lahaina to pick up the flower leis and the girls helped eachother with hair and makeup.

At sunset we began. I walked down the aisle to Bruno Mars, "Just the way you are", but not the traditional rendition. This was a beautiful colaboration that he did with some other artists and it was slowed down and so beautiful.

We wore silly glasses and took fun photos before and after the ceremony and dinner reception.

Thursday: After some morning snorkeling, we made our way to the harbor to catch an afternoon snorkeling cruise that was basically FREE when you rent snorkel gear for the week from Boss Frogs.
We snorkeled at Coral Gardens, drank Mai Tais and enjoyed a VERY windy afternoon cruise.

Friday: We took 3 of the girls on a drive North to see some great overlooks and a really cool Blow Hole. Then it was time to go to Lahaina for our tatoo appointment. My husband and I have never had a tattoo before. We decided this would be special getting them for our 15th anniversary. Each is a tribal sea turtle that includes interlocking gold wedding rings. OUCH!! But we did it!
A little more shopping with the girls while Gene finished up with his tattoo allowed us to go to Maui Divers for pearls. So much fun choosing your own oyster and discovering your new pearls then setting them in custom jewelry.
For dinner, everyone brought all of their food from their condos to be cooked at ours so we could use it all up and have a buffet. 

Saturday: Cooked up all remaining food for breakfast plus a few bottles of champagne, lol, cleaned the condos then headed for the airport. This was a trip I will never forget.

Everyone is hoping to do it again for our 20th Anniversary!!!


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