Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weddings In Winter

When most people think of weddings they picture outdoors, sunshine, summer flowers and perfect weather. Well in Oregon, that perfect weather is about a 50-50 gamble and limited to about 2 months. It can be difficult to find the venue and professionals available for those dates also.

So many people don't realize how wonderful and practical a winter wedding can be. Bringing people together indoors creates a more intimate setting and overall feel of celebration.

On the practical side, you can save lots of money. Winter rates on venues are lower, wedding professionals are more available so you can get exactly who you want and prices are much more likely to be negotiable.

Bring your family and friends together to celebrate with you this winter. Whether it's in a wedding venue or a home, your special day will be full of joy and celebration.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Fall... in Love!" Fall Bridal Fair. Oct 16 & 17, 2010

Very exciting news! The Fall Bridal Fair is going to be fantastic! There are over 45 wedding professionals and venues participating. Food & Wine from Portland Catering Company & Ardiri Winery, Fashion from Bella Victoria Boutique, Mr. Formal, BABC & Fashion Bug.
2pm Fashion Show daily.
Don't miss this wonderful event. It's not the biggest... but it is the best.
Relaxing atmosphere, friendly vendors, enjoyable event.

Hope to see you there! 11 am - 5pm Sat. & Sun. 610 McLoughlin Blvd. Oregon City, OR
Free Parking. $5 admission

Friday, February 19, 2010

Oregon Outdoor Weddings!

In Oregon, you rarely know what to expect from the weather. It makes planning spring weddings interesting, to say the least. There is nothing more beautiful than an outdoor wedding with hundreds of tulips and daffodils blooming all around. The crisp, clear air brings a feeling of "new beginnings" to your wedding day.
But we all know what brings those beautiful flowers... the Oregon showers. Downpours at times actually. But don't let THAT stop you! With some positive thinking the weather can easily cooperate for you and with a little pre-planning, you will be able to handle any weather. In Oregon, the chance for rain goes all the way through the summer also, so be prepared.

Reserve a tent from a rental company. They will help you figure the size needed to accommodate your guests, tables, food, DJ and even a dance floor. A tent is wonderful no matter what the weather. It protects from rain, wind and even blistering heat.

Have umbrellas on hand for guests and bridal party.

Don't wear spiked heels, try a wedge or square heel. You don't want to be sinking in soft ground.
Tons of Fun can be had once everyone just "lets go" and cuts loose. No more worries about hair, make-up, and looking perfect. Just have fun. It can make for some memorable photos too.

So go ahead and plan that outdoor wedding. It will be special, memorable and fun no matter what the weather does.

Rentals Equipment (tent, tables, chairs, linens, dishes, etc) ~ Key Events
Officiant ~ Beverly Mason, The Radiant Touch Weddings
Spring Flowers ~ Punch Floral
Ceremony Musicians ~ Duo con Brio
Reception DJ ~ The Aussie DJ
Photography ~ Wedding Services NW
Extraordinary Wedding Gowns ~ Magnifique Boutique
Hair & Makeup ~ Pretty In Portland
Custom Bridal Jewelry ~ Sophisticated Beads
Videography ~ Asparro Video
Cake & Desserts ~ White Rose Bakery
Honeymoon Travel ~ Sun Connections LLC

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What does 2010 have in store for me?

I am at a point in life and in business where I'm not sure where things are leading me. I also follow my instincts and inspirations to see where they may lead. That is what got me to THIS point. My career as a wedding minister lead me to starting a Wedding professionals Networking Group, which lead me to producing Bridal Fairs which led me to Wedding Workbook as an account executive. PLUS, I have also built 8 websites which I manage along with all of the social networking and optimizing that goes with that responsibility.

Before I knew it, I have such a diverse and FULL plate, that it's time to make some decisions. Do I venture out into one of these new avenues which are leading to bigger projects and futures or do I scale back and simply choose one?

I love performing wedding and meeting brides but it is a career that has no growth potential because there is such a limit on available weekends and income to be made. The Bridal Fairs have great potential and i love to plan & coordinate big events.

The Wedding Workbook offers a flexible, good paying position but I don't feel that I can dedicate enough time to it and I've never been a good salesperson. I LOVE marketing and helping businesses but I don't like "selling".

I am no longer enjoying the benefits of being self employed when it comes to spending time with my family. Now I never seem to have time for them either. My original vision of being self employed was with plenty of time to enjoy my children's youth and company of my loving husband. How did I let that slip through the cracks?

I'll think on this a bit more, then pull out the old crayons and start "drawing the line". I must learn to say "I'm sorry, but no", and stop trying to help or please EVERYONE. Selective choices is going to be my new motto.

Bring JOY back to my work and life. Fulfillment rather than Exhaustion.
Okay, I think this was good. Thanks for listening. You are very good at that. :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Welcoming the New Year!

2009 was a challenging, yet very rewarding year for me. I had the pleasure of performing 87 weddings all over the Northwest. I photographed 5 beautiful weddings. I traveled to Austin Texas to perform a wedding. I completed a project for Clackamas County Tourism & Cultural Affairs Department to promote the wedding industry in Clackamas County. I celebrated my Anniversary with my wonderful husband on my favorite island of Maui. I formed many new friendships in 2009 and strengthened many more old relationships. Over all, I would say 2009 was a good year. Perhaps not economically, but certainly personally.

That is why I am looking forward to what 2010 may bring! It is off to such a fast start. First off, January has many weddings and consultations booked. That's always a good sign.

What is keeping me the busiest right now is planning, organizing and promoting a BRIDAL FAIR!

The network group that I formed last year, NW Wed Pro, is holding a Bridal Fair on Feb. 6-7 at Willamette Valley Country Club. It's such a beautiful venue too. Yes, there are other shows this winter, but unless you actually LIKE being in a huge warehouse type space, packed with thousands of people shoving and fighting for position just to reach in and grab a card off a table of a vendor that is way over priced..... you will love our Bridal fair. In a beautiful setting, affordable professionals for all of your wedding needs will be ready to meet and chat with you, show you their services and discuss your wants. There will be food and wine to sample, music to listen to, demonstrations, prizes and give aways.

Our vendors don't have to pay huge booth fees, so they don't have to pass the expense on to you. Entry into the fair is only $2. All proceeds will be donated to Clackamas Women's Services for helping victims of domestic and sexual abuse.

Mark your calendar and come see us. Details at

I am looking forward to every new experience and challenge that the new year brings. Wedding dates are filling so fast. I only have ONE weekend day left in August.

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year!
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