Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2009 Wedding Season

WOW, here I thought with the current economic situation, weddings might slow down. Boy was I wrong. I guess if there is one thing that the economy can't affect, it's gotta be LOVE! People are still going to fall in love and eventually get married.

Perhaps elopements are the answer for many. That doesn't mean running to a courthouse for a sterile, ugly, 30 second legal ceremony though.

An elopement can be short notice, or planned out. It can be just the 2 of you and 2 witnesses, or it can be some of your closest friends and family. It can be at a home, park, waterfall, restaurant, balcony, viewpoint, historical landmark,.... you name it.

The words can still be personal, meaningful and heartfelt. Save thousands of dollars, but it can still be the most beautiful moment in your life.

But 2009 has still had it's full share of traditional weddings too! I have been performing 3-5 weddings per week since June. It's not slowing up until October either!

I love wedding season. I meet the sweetest people in the world. Not just the newlyweds, but also their families and friends as well. I have performed in such beautiful locations and venues this year also. I love seeing so much that I've missed out on for years.

My favorite locations this year have been:

Bell Tower Chapel in Boring, OR (historic, beautiful)

Avery Ranch Golf Club in Austin, TX

All of the McMenamins (every location is unique and beautiful)

Arista Ballroom in Portland, OR (beautiful interior)

Holy Names Heritage Center in Lake Oswego (classy, beautiful, nice layout)

Sellwood Pioneer Church in Sellwood, OR (picturesque, historic)

Heritage House in Aurora, OR (beautiful home, gardens, photo ops, well coordinated)

Veiled Garden Abernethy Center in Oregon City, OR (beautiful, ample parking, professional)

Ainsworth House in Oregon City, OR (beautiful historic home, lovely conservatory, gardens and grounds)

Aerie at Eagle Landing in Happy Valley, OR (beautiful, well coordinated, nicely layed-out)

Kelty House in Lafayette, OR (historic home, beautiful gardens and lawn, nice owner)

I am looking forward to the next 6 weeks of wedding season, then taking a much needed trip to Maui with my beautiful daughter and husband!