Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What does 2010 have in store for me?

I am at a point in life and in business where I'm not sure where things are leading me. I also follow my instincts and inspirations to see where they may lead. That is what got me to THIS point. My career as a wedding minister lead me to starting a Wedding professionals Networking Group, which lead me to producing Bridal Fairs which led me to Wedding Workbook as an account executive. PLUS, I have also built 8 websites which I manage along with all of the social networking and optimizing that goes with that responsibility.

Before I knew it, I have such a diverse and FULL plate, that it's time to make some decisions. Do I venture out into one of these new avenues which are leading to bigger projects and futures or do I scale back and simply choose one?

I love performing wedding and meeting brides but it is a career that has no growth potential because there is such a limit on available weekends and income to be made. The Bridal Fairs have great potential and i love to plan & coordinate big events.

The Wedding Workbook offers a flexible, good paying position but I don't feel that I can dedicate enough time to it and I've never been a good salesperson. I LOVE marketing and helping businesses but I don't like "selling".

I am no longer enjoying the benefits of being self employed when it comes to spending time with my family. Now I never seem to have time for them either. My original vision of being self employed was with plenty of time to enjoy my children's youth and company of my loving husband. How did I let that slip through the cracks?

I'll think on this a bit more, then pull out the old crayons and start "drawing the line". I must learn to say "I'm sorry, but no", and stop trying to help or please EVERYONE. Selective choices is going to be my new motto.

Bring JOY back to my work and life. Fulfillment rather than Exhaustion.
Okay, I think this was good. Thanks for listening. You are very good at that. :)


Beautiful Day Events said...

I'm sorry you are at a crossroads. I know you know all of this, but this is just another step for you to make that leap again. You always choose the right step and end up successful. I'm very proud of you!!

Anonymous said...

Yes - it is not able to making a living or have a life as an Officiant. I think you are amazing at the planning and organization for the Fairs and Workbook. It would be hard to find someone to refer to as I prefer you - but I COMPLETELY see where you are coming from!